come now away

once in the darkness
where i was thinking
i saw a light
oh deep in my soul
i did not question
where it had came from
i simply sat
in its embrace

once in my heart i saw the blinking
something worth saving
here evermore
i did not ask what was waiting
i simply helped it
and so should you do

once in the sunshine
i smelt a smoking
i did not think, oh where it could be
i simply ran, oh far away
where we all met up, to go flee

darling don't question my intuition
just come with me, where we will be safe
just come along now, know i will lead you
where nothing can hurt us
here evermore

Inspired by Hozier's lyrics, and the tune of "Like real people do"



14 years old

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    if all you do is wear a mask,
    you become a mask.

    your individuality drains away,
    and you become a shadow of others.

    yourself is an illusion
    you are only a copy.