To The Daisy in the Meadow

I like to wander through the meadow,
Glancing at the flowers as I pass, 
But today when my eyes fell upon you, 
They could not budge. 

Perhaps it was the way your snow-white petals stood out against the grass, 
Or the sunshine yellow of your center. 
Maybe it was the way you stood beside your twin, 
Silent, unmoving, content. 

I admire the way you radiate your happiness, 
Letting it seep into your surroundings.
Sometimes I wonder how you keep it up, 
How can you be happy every single minute of your life?

I thank you for being there for me every single day, 
Reminding me to be happy. 
I will remember the joy you gave me long into the winter, 
When your petals are laced with snow.

I guess I just want to say thank you, 
Thank you for being you.



YWP Alumni

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