Dark/ Light

In the deepest depth of hell,

Which is known by many all to well,

Is a palace of complete darkness,

Untouched by light,


In the palace of complete darkness, you cannot live, laugh, or feel the embrace of love,

You would have to walk the terrace,

Without even the light from the stars of Polaris,

You are left feeling alone and you are left by yourself,


But we must remember the cause of darkness,

For if there is darkness there must always be light,

But in order to break out of the darkness you must fight,

And when you do and you reach the light you will live again, laugh again, and love again,


So always remember to fight for your light.



15 years old

More by RyRylan

  • Who is a Man?

    Who is a man that can’t help?


    They don’t let him in,


    He gets pushed away,


    He can’t help, he cries inside


    Who is a man that’s not perfect?

    He must always know

  • Confusion

    A man confused,

    Is a man unknown,


    Unknown to himself,

    Not knowing what to think,

    He doesn’t see the world,

    It becomes warped,




    The world thinks it knows him,

  • Lonely

    Cast into hell when you’re lonely,

    Seemingly heaven when not,

    Loneliness can hold on you, spread like a rot


    A lonely man can do thing in search of connections,

    He hurts others and himself,