The Dream

"Like a diamond in the sk-"
I yank my headphones out of my ears, laying back into the grass with a thud. I close my eyes, but the moonlight streams through them, anchoring me as I try to drift away. My ears ring as my thoughts bounce off the walls of my skull, distant memories popping up randomly as I drift through the sea of consciousness. A shuffling of papers makes me furrow my brow, and I realise what it was after a painfully long second. My notebook- Someone was flipping through my notebook! I whip up, swiveling my head in either direction as I pant heavily. I fall to my hands and knees. It feels like I was just dunked into a lake full of freezing water, but I was entirely dry. I looked up, reaching towards the blue of my notebook- 

"Wait, Love, I'm not finished."

My mouth drops open. Where did that voice come from? I peered closer at my notebook... And then started. The pages were slowly flipping, invisible hands gently turning the pages. Say, if I looked a little closer, I could see a faint glow behind it. My mouth opens, then closes, then opens again as I searched for the words that were so plentiful just moments ago. 

"Shh, my Love, let the words come to you, don't reach for them."

I did just that, closing my eyes and allowing the stream to come through my system, my spirit, my soul, and my mind was filled with words and opinions, thoughts and questions again. 

"These portraits of me are beautiful..." 

The voice was fading and melting into the thoughts. Grasped with sudden panic, I snap my eyes open.

The wind brushes through the cold grass. It's chilly, and when I look up, I see clouds covering the moon. I sit up, shaking my head, and look over to my notebook. It's sitting right where I left it, open to my drawings of the moon above, neatly sitting on a rock. I frown, reaching over to pick it up and standing. What a weird dream that was, I think, stepping back onto the trail and carving my path through life like the rays of the moon curving and clashing towards my eyes, reflecting off of them. 

To the moon and back.

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14 years old

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