Our landmine.

Our landmine.


Love is like a landmine,

A moment of retreat,

And it causes you to meet

A shattering end.

Tuck in your wings, and pray for luck.

Or you’ll get caught up in the doubt that pries your hesitation up.


Love is like a landmine,

There’s nothing you can do

When you hear a click

And suddenly,

You are glued.

Bound to this strange flight, 


Towards the grasping hands of spite.


Love is like a landmine,

You can’t ever go back

To just before the deadly step,


And mocking you

Throughout every success

Before the explosion, the clicks and the calls. 

The mighty pounding of the heart’s steady falls.


Love is like a landmine,

Once you feel your feet sink into the earth,

You hope

That when the crushing idea of an end floats towards you,

It won't be as painful

As it looks from the outside.

And despite the voices of the others,

Their broken spirits pulling you from the weary disposition you hike in spite,

Your heart propels from the broken body

That it was caged inside.


Love is like a landmine,

Tuck in your wings,

And fly.

Because when you cannot swim,

And you cannot walk,

And you cannot crawl, 

Free fall turns it’s eyes in your direction.

Let it wrap it’s arms around you.

It will not hold you.

Love is like a landmine.

Posted in response to the challenge Spring: Writing Contest.



13 years old

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