Event horizon

Event horizon–

boundary of a black hole beyond which not even light can escape–

a point of no 


so imagine, my dear, a color 

that is not a color 

that is colorless, if you will, 

because a void is what it sounds like: 

a void. 

nothing where there should be something

not a color but a concept 

like the sensation of zero translated into wavelength 

like dots and dust and atoms and pixels 

like infinity in all of its glory 

the beauty of a never-ending line 

and do you hear them sing 

in that language of spheres and spirals? 

do you want to 




17 years old

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  • grow up, child

    i wonder if this is the best version 

    of myself. what could have been 

    and what never will be. the things 

    meant to be and the things that

    are. was it worth it? 

    i ask the girl in the mirror. 

  • wake up

    every now and then, i am lying in bed 

    and want to wake up so badly i could 

    scream for it. surely this is not all there is. 

    surely this is only a dream, a bad dream, 

    and the world is kinder beyond it. 

  • someday

    someday it'll be too 

    late. someday you'll wish 

    you had hugged them tighter. 

    you thought you would see them 

    again. you thought 

    endings didn't happen this way, 

    no warning, no reason, just