Fadness of color

Lilly is a weird human being

In a world filled with fake smiles and greetings 

Her genuine smile seems out of place

 In a world filled with lifeless eyes  

Her deep amber eyes lit up at the sight of her favorite ice cream shop seems out of place 

Sharing one conversation with her sends you into an endless spiral of relief 

Like everything is going to end up well 

Like something uncomfortable is pumping on the left side of the chest 

Whenever she walks by, colors follow her pathway

Fireflies enter other hearts brightening their existence

But slowly she starts losing the colors around her 

Her bright smile stopped showing 

Her twinkling eyes dimmed down 

Her colorful clothing starts turning dark 


Did she grow tired of sharing her colors? 


“She looks sad nowadays,” I whispered to A-927 who stared at me in confusion. 


As days faded away so did her last bit of colors

Now just like the rest of the humans, grayness covered her world 


Lilly wasn’t weird….she was just unique


Posted in response to the challenge Support.



17 years old

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