Fall sings the song

      Of beginning again

Letting go 

               Of all the hurts dragging you down 

Run through the golden woods

      Leaves in your hair

Stop for a moment

Watch the clouds roll by

Moving faster then you see

          Roll down the hill

Don’t bother to brush of the wild

That clings to you

            A little bit of dirt never hurt no one

Sit by the brook 

As she winds her way toward the lake

      Suck in a breath

Build up the bravery 

   To dip your fingers into the ever cooler current

     Feel the way the water

Pulls your soul 

As if begging for you to dunk

    But you don’t

Instead you leap over logs

Crunch over drying leaves

    Climb high into the sky

Watch the birds flying by

   Following the wind

You wish you had wings

               So you could leap up and soar

Over this beautiful painting

Of the world welcoming fall with open arms


Posted in response to the challenge Fall: Writing.



17 years old