forever grateful

To be grateful,

is to be at peace,

to feel lucky

for life. 

When my mom agrees

to getting my haircut 

even after a morning full of presents.

When my sisters tell me they

love me,

even as we just argued over a 


one of us wasn't 

supposed to wear. 

When my dad does everything,

everything he can to keep our cat 


even though we know 

he may be on his very last 


When my best friend wins

but still manages

to always 

acknowledge me.

I am forever grateful

as I sit here in my clean bed,

typing on my computer,

nestled in my Christmas pj's,

prepared to sleep


with no worries to my safety,

with no worries to my life.

I am forever grateful

just to have 

these things 

making me so.

Scarry Night


16 years old

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