Galleries of Mantras

Everyone has their own religion, 

Something they can look upon.

It could be a motto,

A quote or a book.

There are widely known religions,

With belief filled books.

But even then,

Everyone has their own version,

Their own way of interpreting it,

Their own picks and chooses.

Religions are script outlines,

Bordering how you’ll act,

Telling you how to behave.

Ideas can be mixed and matched,

The puzzle welcome to be abstract,

The pieces fitting in some way,

But the picture not quite aligning,

Forming a unique masterpiece

Filled with delicate details.

Everything is well thought out,

Yet sometimes not acknowledged,

Not realized in your thought stream.

You may not always know,

But your religion is prominent,

A gallery of mantras,

Beautifully built up and followed.




14 years old

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