That Girl

Sometimes I think that I’ll never be That Girl

The one who will twirl with a boy under a sea of stars

That fairy tale princess, who’s prince will always be waiting

And in the books and the movies there is the unexpected hero who finds love along the way, the girl who’s man is there to stay

Forever. Forever is a concept that I just cannot grasp, because if love is eternal, then what is after death?

And if, someday, I fade from memory, will there be anyone who tells my story?

Will I ever have a lover like all those pretty maidens, damsels in distress who with many hearts are laden?

Will I ever hold your hand in mine, and know that you will never leave till comes the foretold time?

And could anyone ever see me as beautiful as those blond hair blue eyes delicate rosy cheeked women?

If I am just another girl in a world of millions, will I ever find true love,

And have the  fairy tale ending that is only in the books and the movies and in the dreams of a foolish girl who waits for a prince to save her..







14 years old

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