14 years old


  • Missing You

    Missing someone is a funny thing, so simple a concept yet so complex in its effects.

    For me, missing you is listening to your favorite music because you are not there to play it.

  • Vermont's World Tree

    I’ve seen a million sunsets and sunrises, yet each day still dawns with new surprises. As the sun peaks its golden rays over the green mountains, Vermont’s future stretches out with new horizons.

  • Springtime

    In the fields, there are dustings of flowers like confetti left over from a party, sprinkled over the land so randomly, yet beautiful in their chaos. 

  • The Sun, My Lost Friend

    The sun, I think is like a friend that you have lost

    One that you've drifted so far from, that it is impossible to return

    Yet still its light shines on you, so blinding you must look away.

  • Mother Earth

    In the cradle of the galaxy’s abyss, we float

    Born and aged through evolutions, revolutions

    The Earth has been here, and we are passengers on a never ending journey in our orbit round the sun