15 years old


  • january to july

    in the months of darkness and cold, i never stopped writing.

    i just kept it all to myself. every night, my own religion

    pages of pen poised on paper, pouring my heart out

  • butterflies

    i don't want to love someone

    because i'm supposed to

    you told me, one night in mid-july.

    warm air and sun fading in the sky,

    i want to fall in love with someone

  • lotus

    i've heard this story a thousand times before.

    i've seen it unfold. it started with a glance, became a smile,

    became a longing. when i realized it was my turn,

    i was too late. no one told me how hard it would be

  • second thoughts

    The more you became a memory, the more I'd fall in love.

    I still remember that night.

    But I remember before, even more. I dreamed of you at night

    I wrapped myself in your arms by day.

  • reflecting,

    you want it all, until you have it all

    and then you just want to run away.

    and i did. i broke my own heart.

    i had him wrapped around my finger,

    sidelong glances across the candlelit room