Sawyer Fell

Sawyer Fell


18 years old



  • death bed

    You push me out to sea

    With every toll life takes. 

    My wood is deteriorating 

    With thousands of years. 


    I've held village girls

    And I've held mothers. 

  • Unbecoming

    The streets have teeth and we hold our fingers with enough space for the others and drink cider on a corner where the ceiling above us blinks blue-blue-blue onto her tonsil-pink dress and someday I hope I never have to see it in a suitca

  • january to july

    in the months of darkness and cold, i never stopped writing.

    i just kept it all to myself. every night, my own religion

    pages of pen poised on paper, pouring my heart out

  • Acceptance before Change

    On September second of 2022, I packed three short sleeve shirts, two long sleeve shirts, and four pairs of pants into a backpack and left my house in Sharon VT for four months on an intensive expedition semester school: Kroka Expeditions