graves of history

 Take showers in the blank stares of strangers 

For everything I have lived is forbidden 

The present no less sour than the past  

Only hidden inside a sweet coating 


With the skin of secrets as soft as silk 

  As anger resides in the red of lips

With milk drained from society's breasts 

Though they stopped asking advice from the dead


 for were told their views were buried with them 

 although they never fully decompose 

 this fascist nation has dug up those graves

our feelings have forever been restricted 


 I’d love to be granted the need to cry

 But with bitterness, feelings have been tied



17 years old

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  • Red Sea

    You left me drowning in a red sea of emotion

    Making me map out the stars to predict your impossible current 

    I remember the invisible stream

    Broken free from my split chest 

  • Cup of Blood

    The idea of you is a spill of coffee on my cold lips 

    Within the protection of a sweater 

    On a maple afternoon 

    Though my cup did not hold transparency