A Haiku

Just two minor chords 

resonating in dark rooms.  

Something new has bloomed. 



15 years old

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  • death bed

    You push me out to sea

    With every toll life takes. 

    My wood is deteriorating 

    With thousands of years. 


    I've held village girls

    And I've held mothers. 

  • Standards

    Anxiety is encircling my fingers,

    Every move I feel a twitch. 

    This pain is nothing new

    And now my heart has a stitch. 


    I didn't want to break your heart

  • The Ending

    I finished the story, 

    How can that be true? 

    I don't want it to end, 

    What are their futures? 

    It doesn't feel real, 

    And I can't believe it is over.