A haiku on WAR

The horrors of man,

The pain of all, hate of some

The whole world engulfed.


Monarchs full of hate,

Killing caused a weeping world,

Tears of mud and blood.


Struggles of many,

Their pain, their struggles their life,

Often Forgotten.



15 years old

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  • Who is a Man?

    Who is a man that can’t help?


    They don’t let him in,


    He gets pushed away,


    He can’t help, he cries inside


    Who is a man that’s not perfect?

    He must always know

  • Confusion

    A man confused,

    Is a man unknown,


    Unknown to himself,

    Not knowing what to think,

    He doesn’t see the world,

    It becomes warped,




    The world thinks it knows him,

  • Lonely

    Cast into hell when you’re lonely,

    Seemingly heaven when not,

    Loneliness can hold on you, spread like a rot


    A lonely man can do thing in search of connections,

    He hurts others and himself,