To be human is a complex web of 

emotion, of 

trial and error, of 

experience without knowing what lies ahead 

but still turning one's face towards the sun, accepting 

the burns from the UV rays and the fire they 

choose to stand in. 

to be human is truly a test of  

one's character; it doesn't matter what achievements 

hang over their desk on the wall, what matters 

is the way they carry themselves without eyes 

on their back and without their own eyes cast 

downwards, looking at where they are instead of 

where they have the potential to be. 

to be human is a gift that no one truly asked for 

yet is a gift sent by the universe herself. she 

knows that living isn't easy, but she's aware that

those who live their life to the fullest will

recognize the gift of human life for what it is.

to be human is to accept failure when faced with it,

to acknowledge suffering when it isn't your own,

to believe that no one deserves to feel untethered

to their own sense of self – floating mindlessly is 

better than floating negatively.

to be human is to feel emotion that rips the

ground out from underneath you, that chips away

at the barrier surrounding your world

until nothing is left except the pure essence of your being. 

to be human is to welcome every turn on the path of life

and to always know what help is available whenever you decide

to look around and realize 

"I'm meant for and deserving of more than i believe."



16 years old

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