15 years old


  • The Eldest of the Seasons

    if life is but a dream for the dead

    may you visit us during autumn, the eldest of the seasons

    letting your fragile bones be exposed to the crisp air of october

    letting your fingertips run over the bars of the cemetery gates

  • Dear Music

    If you were a person

    you'd have skin the color of the galaxy; ever-changing

    hues of purple, blue, pink, salmon gold

    your eyes would hold the world
  • when the party’s over

    ill call you when the party's over

    walking home with tears dripping

    my shoes dangling from my hand-

    parallel to the ground

    possibly a bruise on my heart

    possibly a scar over my lips

  • they/them/their fault

    There's always someone on the wrong side 
    it's their faultThey did it it's their problemthey don't knowwhy can't they be like us?
    every day, we hear them
    one tweet after another