I have not made up my mind about fall


like the leaves of the trees

that's what my heart is doing

watching as the days start to blur

no longer looking up at the blue sky


I look up at the classroom ceiling

feeling the weight

of missed homework, I forgot about

until this morning when it was too late

heavy backpack on my shoulders

I hope this weight at least makes me stronger

like how trees live through the winter

without a warm coat

what about all the little plants

who stay alive

underground through the cold months

waiting, like me for summer to arrive

I am still clinging to the summer

checking the weather every day

can I go swimming one last time?

clinging onto the feeling of walking outside

with bare feet and nothing that needs to be done

now I cling to moments of free time

walking in the dwindling heat

blessing the moments free of stress

waiting to see my friends in between class and homework

It is like my life is following the flow of the seasons

on September 14th

I feel as if things are on the cusp of something

just like the trees

on the cusp of shedding their leaves

coating the ground in a fiery blanket

this is why

I love and hate fall

the beauty of this season is unmatched

and yet

fall is when school starts

fall is when it gets cold and grey.

But then I remember that with fall comes 

fuzzy sweaters and warm drinks

Halloween and parties

and the crunch of leaves

as you walk to school.

Maybe I just have not made up my mind about fall yet,

and that's fine with me.

Posted in response to the challenge Fall: Writing.



17 years old

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