I Open My Eyes

I open my eyes, 

Seeing a barely knit community, 

Everyone ignoring those who they pass, 

Going only to those they relate to, 

Searching only for the great, 

Noticeable similarities. 


I open my eyes, 

Seeing a rainbow of destruction, 

People punishing others, 

Just because the others are different, 

Just because they hold an unreasonable grudge 

Against people they don’t even know. 


I open my eyes,

Seeing unused chances strewn across the streets:

Conversations that could have been had,

Relationships that could have been sparked,

Smiles that could have been lit,

Hope that could have been given.


I open my eyes,

Seeing something that must change.

We must learn to accept,

To get over biases,

To know that others have stories we may understand,

Things that make us realize we’re not all that different.


I open my eyes,

Seeing a plethora of people,

People who must do the same.

Posted in response to the challenge Bias.



13 years old

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