If I was immortal

I have been alive for a couple thousand years. 

I stopped counting the years when I was around six hundred years old. 

I don’t know why I’m still alive. I still look the same as when I was ten. 

It is actually quite sad, living this long. 

None of my friends from all those years ago are still alive. 

Sometimes, I’ll accidentally speak some Anglo-Saxon and my current friends will look at me like I’m insane. At least I can speak Latin pretty well. 

My favorite of my years was in the early nineteen hundreds. My friend Agatha Christie and I would share our writing; although, in the end, she was the better writer. Hopefully, my current friend, Mina and I can spend a long time together. 

Being immortal is tragic, and I feel like everyone I know and love will eventually disappear. No matter how much everything hurts, it never stops. I wish that this nightmare could be over, but it never will be.

[Story by Thisbe McMichael, 11, Killington, submitted by teacher Allison Gormly, Killington Elementary School]

Posted in response to the challenge Immortal.



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