Weekly Challenges

Tiny stick figures in misty landscape. Digital art.



The thought of living “forever” (however you define that word) would be a wild, incredible fantasy for some, and torture for others. What would it be for you, and why. Or could you imagine it as both incredible and terrifying? How would it play out for you? [Art by Ice Blink, YWP]


  • If I was immortal

    I have been alive for a couple thousand years. 

    I stopped counting the years when I was around six hundred years old. 

    I don’t know why I’m still alive. I still look the same as when I was ten. 

  • Immortal

    The thought of living forever doesn't seem reasonable in my mind:  not because of typical reasons like what other people might say about not wanting to see their friends die, but because I wouldn't want to be all alone forever.

  • Immortal

    I feel like being immortal is a disease that makes you live forever. Some people would love being immortal and doing everything that they dream of doing.

  • Immortality

    I could not live forever. 

    There is a point where one stops living, and either dies or waits to die.

    Immortality has been a terror for me since I could read. 

  • Life.

    I want to see every place,

    To hear the sounds from every village and every city,

    To find new family as every lifetime passes,

  • Immortality?


    A word spoken without thought.

    How good it would feel to live forever,

    Without thinking of the consequences. 

    You’d have to watch the world burn,

  • Immortal, I Am Not

    Being immortal means I watch the seasons change,

    quicker than a mortal eye can blink. 

    Though, I appreciate the beautiful range-

    of colors of fall, it does not fill the sink-

    hole in my immortal heart.