The thought of living forever doesn't seem reasonable in my mind:  not because of typical reasons like what other people might say about not wanting to see their friends die, but because I wouldn't want to be all alone forever. I have often thought of this idea and given it my own spin. I have always said if given the chance, I would go back in time to before the dinosaurs and not be able to die until the exact moment before I was sent back, and then I would age normally. I like this alternative because even though I would be alone for a long time, I could shape the new humanity that would arise with my knowledge. However, I wouldn't want to go into the future an equal amount of time and live forever, since then I wouldn't know anything about the world anymore, and I would have to learn everything from scratch. In the scenario I go into the future, it would be torture. I would never want to choose this path ever. Maybe if I had to live forever, starting millions of years ago, I would choose it even though I think it would be torture for a while. If I were ever given the choice to be immortal or just continue living my life until I eventually die at an average age, I would gladly choose to keep living normally. I know I would never regret my choice. 



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14 years old

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    I live on Garey Road in Thetford, Vermont. It's a dirt road, and it has a dead end, which isn't too common around here. The road has another road coming off of it called Apple Tree Road, which is also dirt, and also a dead end.