17 years old


  • Rookie

    He said please come down—a story and another building away. 

    I was scared, but still, he wanted me.

    He said he's been waiting almost a year for me.

    I knew I could get caught, but still, he wanted me.

  • Immortality

    I could not live forever. 

    There is a point where one stops living, and either dies or waits to die.

    Immortality has been a terror for me since I could read. 

  • I Called Her

         Sarah made grunting noises as we passed the deli, I asked her why, yet she didn't answer me. It’s almost as if we’re tense every time we walk downtown. 

  • Exoneration


    Adrienne, high-school student, best friend of August, female, 15-17

    August, high-school student, best friend of Adrienne, male, 15-17



  • The Facade of Kirkland Academy

     There is a theatre game, commonly played among high school students; as I know it, it is called "Honey, I love you, but I can't smile," which, the object of the game is to go around in a circle of peers and say something along the lines of "