He said please come down—a story and another building away. 

I was scared, but still, he wanted me.

He said he's been waiting almost a year for me.

I knew I could get caught, but still, he wanted me.

I won't deflect and say I didn't want to, because I did.

So I did.

In the room with him, I lay down.

He pulled my layers off—my nerves were shot and I went along.

I made no judgment for myself.

Was love really like this? Or was it no longer? 

Was my love tainted? Had I ruined it thus far?

He said "My turn." and I didn't question. Hey, it was only fair.

When it was over, he said nothing else, and nothing again.

Even now, I'm a rookie, and maybe even a slut.

But see, I've been through this one too many times to claim that I am not.

When someone else wants to hold me, hell, maybe I'll just give in.

I have nothing else to lose, nothing I'm going to win.

If someone asks me to see them, what happens?

I'll still be scared, but still, they'll want me.


Ze Loveprál



17 years old

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