My Choice to Live Forever

Death is one of my deepest fears -

The thought of losing my friends and family, 

As well as my own eventual, yet inevitable death, terrifies me.


And so if I were given the choice to live forever,

I would take it.

For it would spare me of the thing I fear most - my own death. 


To be immortal

Means I would witness the greatest advancements made by the human race


To be immortal

Means I would live through the very peak of humanity


Yet, with my immortality

Will come a new reality

Which is just as hard to swallow as the thought of my death


I must watch all of my loved ones die before me

As they succumb to the passage of time


And while I’d witness the best humanity has to offer -

The pinnacle of the human race

I’d also witness its extinction

Every human dead

Except me


And as the world transforms

Into a desolate wasteland

In which I grow old, frail, and sick

I will remain eternally alive.


I will undoubtedly question

My choice to live forever

And long to be mortal again


When there is no Earth, because even planets eventually cease to exist

I will be left to drift through the boundless expanse of space

Where I will be haunted by the consequences of my choice

My choice to live forever

Posted in response to the challenge Immortal.



15 years old

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