the perils of immortality

how i would hate to be cursed with immortality.

i would exist almost outside of time,
watching my friends and everyone i love slowly die.

watching the world change but never being part of it,
forced to observe as the place i knew crumbles.

sure, it'd be interesting to watch events that would become historical,
but it wouldn't be monumental to me.

because if i have to live another 300 years,
what's a catastrophe to me?

Posted in response to the challenge Immortal.



14 years old

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    this summer holds many adventures waiting:

    next week I leave this school behind

    the begining of an end

    ice cream and treats with friends
    playing with the neighborhood dogs

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    10 years i've spent here
    this cottage by the sea

    these 10 years i've spent here
    have become a part of me

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    the tides come in and out
    and so my heartbeat follows:
    in and out

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    a tundra desert stretches as far as the eye can see: 

    far away, one might glimpse 
    a wandering soul 

    a little fox, 
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