I feel like being immortal is a disease that makes you live forever. Some people would love being immortal and doing everything that they dream of doing. For example going places that you would not have the time to go to; but now you can because you have so much time, trying jobs, acting, or singing. The other people just think of the bad side, like losing someone that you love and when you try to find that a person that is similar it's just not the same as the person whom you once loved. Maybe they don't have the same habits, and it just feels wrong. You live forever knowing that nagging feeling that you will never see that person you love so much  again. When it's time for other people to go you are still there watching everyone die while you're at their funeral you get looks from their grandchildren and kids wondering why you look so young. It is 50–50 for me because I would very much enjoy having a lot of time just to do stuff, explore the world, go on lots of backpacking trips, and just live in peace. Eventually I would probably get bored because I would run out of stuff to do. I would go insane just knowing that I will be there alive forever  standing there watching people die would not go well with me. In the end I would lose my sanity.   


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13 years old

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    As I walk into the apartment I feel the newness of the apartment shining on me. My friend Jasmine enters the apartment after me. Our realtor is already there waiting for us.

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    It all started on one sunny June afternoon.  School had just gotten out, and finally, I got to go to camp. My mom was in the car waiting for me. She didn't really have to wait that long because I bolted out of the school.