just another poem

I can't breathe, 

I haven't felt like this in a while. 

I thought it was getting better, 

But I'm still drowning in screams. 



Take some air, you deserve it. 

I somehow don't believe that still, 

And I'm scared I never will. 


Is it that obvious

I'm dying inside?

That you can see it through my poetry,

My writing, that's not even about me. 


The panic is attacking me, 

Closing in on every side. 

And I'm still not enough, 

Even when I rip myself apart. 


I want to get better, 

But it's so hard to get help. 

It seems like I'll finally drown, 

If I hear one more comment that I'm fine. 


They can't see it, 

But everyone else can. 

They can't see my tears, 

Even when they're right in front of them. 


This is just another bad poem, 

That is lacking in form, 

Lacking in thousands of devices. 

So just make sure you don't like it, 

Because then I might be scared I'm someone else. 



14 years old

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