A land of the free?



As a child brown from oppression and a desire to be free,

It must learn,

It must remember,

It must never forget,

That freedom for some isn’t freedom,

Freedom for all was promised,

It must be delivered,

If it is held back,


The land of the free,

The home of the brave,

Turns into it’s own worst enemy,

It will become America,

Land of oppression,

Land of censorship,

land of bigots,

Land of the free over the many,

America must never forget,

Lest the guns of revolution roar again.



15 years old

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  • Who is a Man?

    Who is a man that can’t help?


    They don’t let him in,


    He gets pushed away,


    He can’t help, he cries inside


    Who is a man that’s not perfect?

    He must always know

  • Confusion

    A man confused,

    Is a man unknown,


    Unknown to himself,

    Not knowing what to think,

    He doesn’t see the world,

    It becomes warped,




    The world thinks it knows him,

  • Lonely

    Cast into hell when you’re lonely,

    Seemingly heaven when not,

    Loneliness can hold on you, spread like a rot


    A lonely man can do thing in search of connections,

    He hurts others and himself,