Letter to my 8 year old self

Dear 8-year-old me, I am 13 years old now and a lot has changed. We are still best friends with Emily. I added a couple of new best friends to my life, Brooklyn, Lacey, and Zoey. We still love camp more than anything and we make so many new friends every year. Did you know that in a few months, you are going to have to be homeschooled because of a worldwide pandemic called COVID-19? Now we moved schools again to where our stepmom works. It was hard leaving our friends from my last class but my new friends and my parents helped me realize that I can still hang out with them even though I’m at a new school, but it was a great decision and we made a bunch of new friends. We finally went to Alaska again. We are not at the top of our class anymore but we try our hardest. We have two new Weiner dog puppies. In 2021 you and Mom took a trip to North Carolina to see Nana. We still hate math. Our Dream job is still an Elementary school teacher. We still hate reading with a passion. We still play basketball and it is our favorite sport. We still play soccer and it is getting a lot tougher the older we get. Our favorite thing to do at camp is to swim and play basketball. Have a good time growing up because it’s pretty fun!


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13 years old

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