The meaning of Christianity

As a Catholic and learning pagan, history to me is very... upsetting, to say the least. I respect early Catholics want to spread the word, but I do not appreciate the forced conversions.

 I am also an avid lover of history, particularly early societies and religions in the west. So the Christian take over, which destroyed a ton of history and folk stories, does not make me feel proud to be Catholic. 

The continued hatred of certain groups - it's exactly what God is telling us not to do. And it gives people a bad idea of Catholic values, and that is the very last thing we need.

Christianity is about love, acceptance, companionship and family in the eyes of God. Modern "Catholics" who preach otherwise?

They are the devils among us.



14 years old

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  • mask

    if all you do is wear a mask,
    you become a mask.

    your individuality drains away,
    and you become a shadow of others.

    yourself is an illusion
    you are only a copy.