I have this image of you holding a bloody heart, kind of sunken. When this girl needed help the most you tore out your heart to give it to her but her body rejected it and attacked it. It's a natural reaction, like allergies. But you can't seem to shake how you did all this for nothing, for her to turn it away so easily, no appreciation of the effort you put in. Sometimes she can’t help it, her body is causing her to have these reactions, which hurts because you want to help but you aren’t. And this rejection of your sacrifice might go to bite her in the ass, but she can’t help it. It's what she needs. You can’t try more and more because it will hurt her body further. And you have to let it be whether she dies or not. Or maybe it's not that deep. 



15 years old

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  • Instructions on How To Lie

    Disregard the misconceptions of hostility in the act of lying. It is just a mechanism brought to us first by Darwin. A bird nips at the soil, her beak raw from the tragic repetition of giving and giving.

  • Armageddon

    It was there where she left you, 

    Under Canada splayed upon the crucifix,

    It was there where the titans fell,

    Into the webbed palms of the 

  • Little Kid

    ravishing in sunlight.

    in my breakaway,

    in climbing vines

    roots embedded in the crevices

    of old worn stone

    notice how they cling as they grow?

    and suddenly i am just an infant