16 years old


  • Confession

    the contents of the atlantic 

    are tucked behind my ear. 

    the other isles have oozed into my hair

    parasitcally working their way down my throat

  • Instructions on How To Lie

    Disregard the misconceptions of hostility in the act of lying. It is just a mechanism brought to us first by Darwin. A bird nips at the soil, her beak raw from the tragic repetition of giving and giving.

  • metaphor

    I have this image of you holding a bloody heart, kind of sunken. When this girl needed help the most you tore out your heart to give it to her but her body rejected it and attacked it. It's a natural reaction, like allergies.

  • Armageddon

    It was there where she left you, 

    Under Canada splayed upon the crucifix,

    It was there where the titans fell,

    Into the webbed palms of the 


  • Sugarcoated Words

    marshmallows cracked black 

    with gooey innards showing like majestic guts

    sickly sweet and soft like a lullaby

    drawing me in with the promise of joy

  • Papercuts

    Did you know that, when you wrote me, I was made of papercuts

    That I was ink and glue and wax but mostly, I was papercuts

    Did you know that, when you read me, I am made of memories