More than just three words

in my eyes,
love is an art
it takes passion and care
and it's delicate
when you really love someone,
it is unexplainable.
you feel crazy without them
they are your world
i've always taken caution when someone says 
"i love you"
because if you really love someone
you won't ever leave them
you'll stick by their side forever
and forever is terrifying
when you really love someone
you'll listen to their rants and their happy exclamations
you will wait for them
and you will cheer them on for even the smallest accomplishments
and when you smile just when looking at them
then you will know
that "i love you" is more than just three words
and it is genuinely an unexplainable feeling
when you can simply sit in silence in their presence 
when you can title them as "home"
that is when you truly know
that "i love you" is more than just three words



13 years old

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