My Cat Life

    Okay, so someone told me I needed to write about my life, but my life is kinda boring. I’m a cat. We don't do much, but I’ll still try to explain it the best that I can. Let me see what I did today. While my parents were out I decided to go hunting to surprise them with a dead rat or squirrel by the front steps when they got back. So when I was out in the woods, I was trying to be as sneaky as I can be but it’s really hard for me to be sneaky because apparently I am loud and cry a lot, but it’s fine I still get the job done don’t I? Anyway back to the story, I was in the woods and I heard something walking in the woods with the crunchy leaves. So I stopped, I was so excited. I saw a big red squirrel and snuck up right behind it. I was worried it saw me. It didn’t, thank goodness. So the hunt went on. I jumped on the squirrel and I thought I killed it. So when I got back to the house my parents were home, and I was so happy to see them I dropped my prize, I had just caught them. I ran inside the house asking for food, because that's how I spend my time inside, either eating or sleeping. So after I was done eating, I went back to the squirrel I had killed and I brought him inside without anyone knowing. I thought that the twin’s room would be the best place to put it, so I set him down and went to sleep, but when I woke up he was alive! I tried to get him but he was too fast. There was banging on the window and I got the attention of Ellea. She walked by the room and she saw the squirrel but she thought it was a rat. So when the twins got home she ran out and told them. No one went into the room until Dad came and moved the bed, then he caught the prize after like 30 minutes. Then he brought it outside and that was the end.   


Rebecca Osgood


16 years old

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