Now that spring is here I am hoping that the snow would be gone and that I could see the grass that isn't really too green. Spring is one of the best seasons of the year in my opinion. I like spring because it is perfect t-shirt weather during the day, and great sweatshirt weather during the evening, but this isn't the only reason why I love spring. Another reason why I love spring is because all of the birds and animals that you don't see during the winter come back to the Vermont spring air. My favorite site to see is the Robins after a long cold winter that I normally don't enjoy. All of the leaves on the trees grow back and the mountains that you see are now full with green leaves that become pretty oranges and reds in the fall. But soon spring will be over and the nice cool spring breeze will now become overwhelmingly hot day and night, but before the hot weather appears there are many more days to enjoy spring. Just the other day while sitting in the car I was looking out the window and saw my first site of spring. The nice view of two mallard ducks swimming in the cold river water, not knowing that more snow and bad weather might be coming their way. I'm hoping that soon there will be no more snow and that after a long winter we finally have some nice warm weather to relax and enjoy.

Rebecca Osgood


17 years old

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