october, my love

my love,
it is good to see you once again.

although it appears i have missed
your grand entrance,
while i left the room.

i walked along the street to visit you,
and looked up,
and was surprised to see you were halfway out the door.

you are still here, though
even if you have left before i could say hello
remnants of your visit still lay on my front lawn.

the colors i will always remember,
even if only a splash
is left on the rolling hills

your arrival brings a certain tinge to the air
a crispness, if you will,
and that has stayed as well.

why must you visit just once a year?
perhaps my love for you would be whittled down
if i saw you day after day.

so perhaps,
stay october

stay orange and red and yellow,
stay warm cider and pumpkins,
stay crisp and colorful and breathtaking

my love,
i will see you once again.




15 years old

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