skin pulled taut and tight
burning like the light
that seeps through cracks
underneath the door

from stray branches and walking
throughout the woods, balking
at the idea
of no path

water rests on skin
as the drain pulls water in
and we are clean
as clean can be

pillow soft and wet from hair
the scratched skin no longer fair
skin is pulled taut and tight
as we drift off to sleep



15 years old

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  • Thoughts after the fair

    I’ve never enjoyed the feeling of being sick to your stomach on a fair ride. Maybe I just don’t have the iron-willed intestines that all of my friends seem to have, because I get sick from going on the teacups at a normal speed.

  • october, my love

    my love,
    it is good to see you once again.

    although it appears i have missed
    your grand entrance,
    while i left the room.

    i walked along the street to visit you,
    and looked up,
  • valentines day at a bus station

    random prompt: valentines day at a bus station

    rain falls down, unforgiving against the pavement.
    two pairs of shoes; worn to the soles, muddied from cutting through yards to reach the road. slapping through the thin puddles.