An Odd World

Hey Siri, call Mom. Alexa, set a timer for three minutes. We don’t notice what AI does. I like to experiment with AI. I think it’s odd. When robots ask if we’re robots. Imagine if you didn’t click ‘I’m not a robot.’ I wonder what would happen then. We never really know how much AI knows. I’m not trying to start rumors here, but what if AI knows more about humans than we do? What if AI can advance before we can stop it? It’s these questions that seem unworldly but could be very real in some minds. I don’t think AI was created to harm. Sometimes it does harm though. Sometimes it can help. It’s a very confusing and mixed up world out there. AI is just one of the things that humans are still grasping the concept of.

Posted in response to the challenge AI.



13 years old

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