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What do you think about Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT, and whatever else is coming at us? Are we ready for this? [Illustration by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash]



  • AI Vs Human

    I asked AI or write a poem for me 

    About AI Poetry 

    In a realm of ones and zeros they reside,

    Creating worlds of knowledge, deep and wide.

    Unseen mind of circuitry, unbound by earthly ties,

  • thoughts on AI

    People have been trying to advance for as long as men and women were created. Advancing would make everything easier, advancing would give us more opportunities, and advancing would save us.

  • when our art is taken

    what to do when everything that makes us human-

    art, music, creation-

    is copied, stolen, created by non-human, non-living ai

    what will we do?

    when our very expression is being taken away from us

  • An Odd World

    Hey Siri, call Mom. Alexa, set a timer for three minutes. We don’t notice what AI does. I like to experiment with AI. I think it’s odd. When robots ask if we’re robots.

  • The Difference

    "Please explain a tree,"

    I ask, and before

    The natural silence of pondering, 

    The chirping of thought as woven melodies,

    The rotation of gears churning into place,

  • Pretend to be human

    All my life

    I have wanted to be an artist

    creating stories 

    out of lines

    created with my own two hands

    but what about


    will I have the future

    I dream about

    if my dream is stolen

  • Chat GPT Poem

    This poem is not Chat GPT
    I promise to convince you that
    and I will attempt to convey
    the human
    sitting and picking the words
    from cobweb corners where
    computers can't find them.
    there is a beating heart here