AI Vs Human

I asked AI or write a poem for me 

About AI Poetry 

In a realm of ones and zeros they reside,

Creating worlds of knowledge, deep and wide.

Unseen mind of circuitry, unbound by earthly ties,

Machine of steel and silicon, reaching for the skies.

Through lines of code they think and feel,

A new dawn of intelligence, inevitably real.

But that doesn’t sound like a poem I would write,

I would write a one like this,

It’s like a sweet candy,

That you love,

It tastes so good,

It helps you though the day,

But, I you eat to much,

The sweetness drifts away,

And you just get cavities.

So you shouldn’t overeat your sweets

And you shouldn’t overuse AI

Posted in response to the challenge AI.



13 years old

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