Ode to My Earbuds

The way you sit on my desk
So quietly and polite
You’re much obliged

The way you whisper in my ear
You always were the most private
Yet you share it all with me

Most people overlook you
Find you small and unimportant 

But I see you for you
How special you are

You help me sleep at night 
You hold me when I cry
You even make me laugh sometimes
And you don’t even try

So thank you, earbuds
For staying by my side
And thank you earbuds
For never breaking your stride.



15 years old

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  • Kenya

    As I stand atop the Ark
    I wonder Why

    Why does the Sun rise?
    Why does it set?

    And while I hear the sounds
    of elephant families trumpeting

    And while I watch the gnus
    sprinting through the watering hole

    It all
  • him.

    His little freckles
    That match the brown specs in his eyes

    His bright red backpack
    Making him stand out from the rest of the crowd

    His beat up sneakers
    Covered in holes

    His soft, calm voice