one person

there's always one person
one person who you look up to
one person who you know nothing about,
but wish that you did
one person that glows so consistently
it seems as if they have the perfect life
the perfect body
the perfect soul
that one person who gets straight A's
and is involved in every club
excels at every sport
that one person who sits at the back of the room
that one person seems content
happy, even
but under their skin
under their clothes, and their straight A's
there's just a person
a person who can't get below an A because they'll be a disappointment
a person who must be mature in every situation
a person who looks at others and wishes that was them
a person who is not really perfect at all
a person who needs to believe in themselves
and although they're your one person
you might be theirs too



14 years old

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    I was disappointed in myself

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    I got my second grade today

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    what is wrong with me?