Painting Hour

Colors combine together into darkness

My brush coats the canvas

Deep blues

Dark purples and reds

I attempt to recreate the feeling of darkness 

The feeling of clouds losing coverage and dark moonlight creeping in

Windows reflecting car lights driving by 

When the sun fades past view 

When the stars emerge and layer light with the moon 

The gentle cool breeze whisks away mosquitoes and brings in bats - taking away diurnal birds 

When the sheets of beds rustle 

Feeling the feet that touch to settle the cold

The lights turned off 

The dog asleep

Breathing gentle and rhythmic 

I don’t believe I can get it right. 

Posted in response to the challenge Mark Bradford.



17 years old

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    As children we are taught God was the big man in the sky

    He who watches over, tall and overbearing

    Thorns stapled to his head and bleeding, he was resurrected for us

  • He Who Watches

    A branch hangs low pulled lower by a decorated box 

    Inlaid with blue and red faded by the elements the box hangs 

    It floats strung up with ever so thin twine 

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    A person gone within thin air

    A colorful soul who was granted a short guarantee 

    A person

    A being

    You spoke to me

    To many others