Otherworlder: I sit and I watch them go along with their animals, or pets as they call them. They love these animals that they have tamed, walk them around, caress or "pet" them, feed them, sometimes even buy them lavish gifts. And for what? A friend who will never return your affections like a person could? To me and most of us otherworlders it seems a waste of time and energy. People could be making real friends who love them and can provide compassionate and understanding contact. As much as a cat can purr they can never say "I love you and understand you as a being" like an earth person or otherworlder can. I am not of earth and do not understand these foolish things earth people hold so dear. Some earth people who don't have enough money to pay for proper nourishment for themselves, still pay to feed a dog or cat. they call their pets their friends but how much can an animal really love them? I find it strange that humans long for a companion that worships them. a friend doesn't worship you, they respect you and you respect them. But a dog sees you as their sort of God, cats are a bit better but still see you as a caregiver and leader. Earth people should look inward and try and find out why they desire a friend who can't talk and can barely show affection, and why they wish to be worshiped.

Earth Person: It makes me sad when I think about how the otherworlders don't understand pets. I see them stare disapprovingly when a dog walks by, or see their face fall when you let them in your house and they see you have a cat. They don't think it's a "good use of time and energy" they seem to think that we enjoy being "worshipped." When I think all pet owners agree that is so far from the point. A pet is a friend who doesn't judge you for who you are, never gets upset if you don't text them back. They don't care if your boyfriend just dumped you, and you've been in bed and haven't showered in a week. They need a walk or a litter change. You need to be there for a pet in a very different way than a person. You love and care for a pet like a child, but you don't need to be there emotionally for them as you do a person. You show them affection and they return it to you. You feed them and care for them and they love you unconditionally. it's not a situation in which worshipping is involved. It is a friendship in which there is true unfaltering and unconditional love. That is something that is very hard to get from humans. And I pity the otherworlders for they will never know the feeling of an animal loving you. 

By Anya or written.aura

Posted in response to the challenge Support.



14 years old

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