Pointe of view

With every arabesque,

my muscles cramp,

with every pique,

my toes crunch,

holding up every bone in my body

on a platform close to nothing.

We are on the brink of flying,




And while I hate them in the moment,

these shoes are keeping me afloat,

as if I'm on an ice cube 

in an ocean. 

These shoes live for dance,

and dance only.

They are born,

they are sewn,

they are bent and broken and bruised,

they die,

but they are still

the most supportive things you will find. 

These shoes keep us moving, 

keep us dancing,

keep us from the struggles,

the pain,

of the real world. 

So although these shoes may hurt sometimes,

they may feel like the most uncomfortable things in the universe,

they are something I always look at with love. 

Scarry Night


16 years old

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