Pre Paved Road

through the many folds of paper 
faded and worn from the fingers of time 
stained with the sticky red syrup 
of bloodshed unjustified 
lost among the many perspectives
scattered across the globe
pages that spin tales we all know by heart
but that we have never heard
paper and ink that reflects the flaws 
in all of our human ways
the broken mindsets; mis-spells repeated by the ignorant 
and the good things we leave to time to slowly fade
far from our so called "righteous" claims 
missguided we all are
it only changes with who you ask
in whose shoes you walk and how far
light as the puffy clouds
that drift across the sky 
or dark as the earthy ground 
that many a thing live inside 
we all face the mistakes of the humans who came before us
we can choose to better upon them
we can choose to move forwards
we can CHOOSE 
to work together 
to make this a better world
but nothing will ever get better
if we just follow the pre-paved road. 



17 years old

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    Looming over your shoulders

    Each stack higher than its former

    Every thought and every scrap

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    Every moment that hurt

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    How do I push the words out
    From behind my taffy tongue 
    Thick with salty tears 
    And full of grubby thumb 

    I’m a child 
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    When feet fall soft but quick 

    Does the hallway extend

    And the hot breath of whoever’s behind me feel hotter 

    Why do I stay pressed to the wall 

    Like a stubborn gruby sticker