Save The Trees

Save The Trees

We have to save the trees, for the trees are our protectors.
These men and their machines who are the designated collectors,
Of Sequoia, and Sycamore, of Beech, and Blue Spruce,
Of Basswood, and Aspen, what will we deduce?
When these men take their chainsaws and leave us to discover,
What we will need from the trees to recover.
If we do not stop to give thanks to the trees,
What will prevent trees from stopping the breeze?
We need our forests because of what they provide,
Stable soil, carbon storage, and shelter humans with pride.
Forests are taken for buildings and stoves,
And leave valleys, and fields full of stumps in droves.
“Go away!” say the trees, “and leave us alone,
We don't deserve this, we want to be grown.”
“We trees want to live, to be planted, and sewn.”
But the men and their chainsaws continued to chop,
And the trees that remained tried telling them “STOP”
But the people who left them were not listening,
And the trees hung their heads, and their tears started glistening.
But then sister moon peeked out from a cloud,
And she said “worry not friends, I will bring them around!”
The moon tried her hardest, but could not bring them down.
“Wait a minute,” said the moon, “I have an idea!”
“I will call upon brother sun, he will hear our plea!”
“Brother sun!” called the moon. “We need your help”
“I’m awake!” said the sun, and rose with a yelp.
“What is it you need, sister moon, let me see.”
“Ah yes, now I see, it is a forlorn tree!”
“Yes brother moon!” said the moon in earnest,
“These men with their axes are cutting down the worlds finest!”
“Hmm” mused the sun, and tried to think.
“Sister moon, how will we bring back our trees from the brink?”
“I'm not sure,” said the moon, with tears in her eyes,
“How can we help Mother Earth's greatest prize?”
“Well,” said the sun, “I'm not sure we can assist..”
“”The humans must decide to stop among their midst”
So now you see, people of planet Earth,
What else can you use, for warmth in your hearth?
We must find something else, instead of the trees.
We must praise the trees, not destroy them with such ease.
The trees need our help, or they will not survive,
We must assist the trees, and give them what they need to revive.

Spirit Bird


19 years old

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